What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technicians and aides in Cyprus are responsible for helping licensed pharmacists to organise and prepare prescription medicines, offer customer service, and deliver administrative responsibilities within a pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians are normally responsible for receiving prescription requirements, labelling bottles, counting tablets, while pharmacy aides are responsible and perform administrative tasks such as stocking shelves, answering phones, and operating cash registers. However, unlike pharmacy technicians, pharmacy aides can not prepare prescriptions or mix medications in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, pharmacy technicians who work in retail drugstore pharmacies have various responsibilities. Within Cyprus, pharmacy technician’s duties are in some special cases to receive prescriptions sent electronically from doctors’ offices about a patient and the technician is responsible to verify that the given information from the doctor is complete and accurate. In order to prepare the drug, technicians must be able and have the knowledge to retrieve, weigh, measure, count, pour, and mix the prescription. When the drug is completed, technician’s usually price and file the medicine, and the medicine must be verified and confirmed by the pharmacist in order to be given to the patient.

In Cypriot public as well as private hospitals and clinics and nursing homes, technicians usually have additional duties, such as delivering medicines to doctors or nurses and preparing sterile solutions. Technicians are most of the times responsible to record the information concerning the set prescription onto the patient’s profile.