Yiannis Kerimis Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist

Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist Yiannis Kerimis received his Bachelors degree (BSc) in Nutrition from Arizona State University (ASU) and then his Masters degree (MSc) in Dietetics from Florida State University (FSU). During his stay in the U.S he completed his practicum in different areas in the health field such as hospitals, diabetic institutes, institutes for children with special needs etc and after completing all the necessary requirements set by the American Dietetic Association he received his R.D and became a Clinical Dietitian. Upon his arrival to Cyprus, he established the Weight and Metabolism Control Center by Yiannis Kerimis offering menu planning and counseling for weight management and health related issues. Yiannis has an experience in the educational field working as teaching personnel in various colleges and universities both in USA and Cyprus. He often appears on various TV shows, he provides lectures and seminars in health related issues, writes in different magazines and has his own column in Vivendi Magazine. He is an active member of both the American Dietetic Association and the Cyprus Dietetic Association. The Weight Management Center is located in Limassol, Cyprus and is owned by the Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist Yianni Kerimi BSc, MSc, R.D (USA). The center offers a great number of services related to health and weight management. SERVICES OFFERED Weight Loss/Gain Menu Planning for weight management based on each person's nutritional needs and medical history. Counseling on Health Related Issues Nutrition counseling on health related issues such as Diabetes, Heart problems etc. Nutrition counseling is also offered for women during pregnancy and athletes. Body Scan Test The Body Scan Test measures fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration and visceral fat (fat around vital organs like heart, liver, etc.). An important tool for people who exercise and follow a nutrition plan. The aim is to maintain or increase muscle mass, increase cell hydration and decrease body and visceral fat. RMR Testing The Resting Metabolic Test measures each person's metabolic rate and the amount of calories burned each day. Food Intolerance test A Food Intolerance Test helps identify the foods that may be contributing a person's symptoms through a finger prick blood sample. A Food Intolerance Test may be helpful to people with weight problems, intestinal problems and to people who suffer with migraines. Nutrition Supplements The Weight Control Center offers a number of food supplements such as Vitamins, Omega-3 fish oils, Enzyme tablets etc.

Yiannis Kerimis Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist Limassol

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